About Us

Contact “DÖRT TARAP LOGISTIKA” - we will select the appropriate type of transport for your cargo, taking into account your wishes and the characteristics of the goods being transported. We can send your goods to all directions of the world: north, east, west and south. You can save not on quality but on the cost of transportation by turning to the services of one operator, who will determine the most accessible and fastest route and provide transport and warehouses. Transportation without complexity and overpayments is easily possible through the efforts of “DÖRT TARAP LOGISTIKA” specialists.

Our specialization:

A full range of logistics services, competent organization of warehouse space, high quality work.

Our services:

Import ----» export ----» customs clearance ----» insurance ----» warehousing ---» packaging ----» supply of equipment, spare parts and chemicals

Types of cargo

  • Groupage
  • Following
  • Valuable
  • Dangerous
  • Multi-ton
  • oversized / not oversized cargo

Our advantages:

  • Optimal prices and delivery times
  • Wide range of services provided
  • Guaranteed reliability of transportation
  • High level of service
  • Close proximity to warehouses around the world
  • Finally, responsible attitude towards you and your cargo.